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Plastic Aluminium Composite (PAC®) Boards are manufactured by mix of Industrial Grade plastics (PP, LDPE & HDPE), Aluminium Oxide, Fibres & XLP metals under Extreme Pressure & Temperature  to achieve Solid Strength!  

Shuttering Board for Industrial construction

PAC® Shuttering Board

PAC® Shuttering Board, also known as Plastic Aluminum Composite Board, is a construction material widely used in the field of formwork and shuttering systems. It combines the advantages of aluminum and Plastic, making it a popular choice for various construction applications. 

PAC® Shuttering Board is a preferred choice in the construction industry due to its strength, durability, lightweight nature, weather resistance, cost-effectiveness, versatility, fire resistance, and smooth surface finish. Its unique combination of aluminum and plywood provides numerous advantages, making it an ideal material for formwork and shuttering systems in a wide range of construction projects.

PAC Shuttering Board Some Common Applications:

Formwork Systems

Waterproof Shuttering Plywood for Retaining Wall

PAC Shuttering Board is significantly used in formwork structures for casting concrete structures. It is suitable for various formwork components along with slabs, columns, walls, beams, and stairs. The boards provide balance, and dimensional accuracy to the formwork, making sure proper concrete placement and curing.

Shuttering plywood for slab

Plastic Shuttering Plywood for Slab FormWork

PAC Shuttering Board is extensively hired in the production of residential, industrial, and industrial buildings. It is used for developing the formwork for partitions, beams, columns, and different structural factors. The forums facilitate the right shaping and alignment of concrete throughout the casting manner, resulting in strong and nicely-completed structures.

shuttering plywood for Bridge

Shuttering Plywood for Bridge Construction

To support the weight of the structure and allow for concrete casting, bridges need robust formwork systems. For the construction of formwork for bridge piers, abutments, beams, and decks, PAC Shuttering Board is appropriate. It is a solid choice for bridge manufacturing projects because to its strength, toughness, and resilience to weather conditions.

shuttering plywood for beam

Shuttering Board for Beam & Column

PAC Shuttering Board proves to be the proper material for formwork in high-upward-taking pictures buildings with substantial weights and heights. Even with concrete remedy alternatives and the anxiety brought on by freshly placed concrete, it could aid equilibrium. Because of their mild weight, the boards are easier to deal with and install, which inspires powerful manufacturing strategies.

Waterproof shuttering plywood slab

Centering Plates For Construction

Construction of industrial homes which include factories, warehouses, and manufacturing plant life regularly uses PAC Shuttering Board. These buildings frequently have distinct proportions and shapes, necessitating specialised formwork solutions. Due to PAC Shuttering Board’s adaptability, it is simple to reduce, form, and assemble, assembly the unique desires of industrial building.

Centering Plates

Scaffolding Centering Sheet for Slab

Numerous infrastructure tasks, consisting of tunnels, dams, water remedy facilities, and power flowers, locate use for PAC Shuttering Board. These tasks regularly include tricky concrete structures, and PAC Shuttering Board gives the power and adaptableness crucial to construct the proper formwork structures.

There are several reasons why PAC Shuttering Board is preferred in the construction industry:

Strength and Durability

PAC Shuttering Board is thought for its amazing strength and durability. The aggregate of aluminum and Plastic results in a material that can resist heavy loads and gives stability at some point of the concrete pouring manner.

Lightweight and Easy to Handle

Compared to standard formwork substances like Plywood and steel, PAC Shuttering Board is lightweight, making it simpler to address and shipping. Its lightness permits construction people to gather and disassemble the formwork quick and effectively, lowering exertions and time necessities.

Weather Resistance

The PAC Shuttering Board is built to endure a wide range of external factors, including rain, sunlight, and temperature changes. The aluminium layer acts as a defence against moisture absorption, warping, or swelling in the shuttering board's middle. The formwork's lifestyles are guaranteed by this climate resistance, which also minimises renovation expenses.

Reusability and Cost-effectiveness

PAC Shuttering Board is highly reusable, making it a cost-effective choice for construction projects. Due to its durability and resistance to wear and tear, the boards can be reused multiple times without compromising their structural integrity. This reusability reduces material wastage and lowers overall project expenses.

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